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the moroccan fig

The Moroccan Fig

Fig trees in Morocco occupy an area of about 50,000 hectares or 5% of Morocco's tree-based resources, with a national production of 60,000 tons. There are 25 varieties of fig trees in the Kingdom but only 6 are grown on a large scale for marketing.
They are one of the five symbolically sacred trees of the Promised Land along with the olive tree, the vine, the pomegranate tree and the date palm.
There are about 700 varieties of fig tree in the world. The benefits of the fig are multiple for the digestive tract and they are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants.
Also known for their anti-inflammatory virtues, take advantage of the season to eat them fresh for their sweet taste and dried if it's out of season. They are still an exceptional healthy fruit after processing.

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