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Fez Meknes

Region: Fez Meknes

Called the capital of traditional culture in Morocco or the cradle of knowledge, its superb buildings are the flamboyant symbol of this region, imbued with the sumptuous memories of the great royal dynasties and celebrated for their wealth. The region is a mirror of Morocco's history, rich in faith and age-old traditions.

It is located in the centre of Morocco with a population of 4,236,892 in 2014.

It enjoys a mild oceanic climate comparable to that of the Paris region.

Snow is abundant in much of this region.

Tourism in the area is essentially cultural tourism due to its historical and architectural heritage of international renown.

Thanks to the presence of several mineral springs and thermal spas, notably those of Moulay Yacoub and Sidi Harazem, the destination is considered a choice destination for lovers of spa and relaxation tourism.

Not to forget the opportunities for mountain tourism which occupies an important position in the region thanks to the existence of significant and different types of features particularly the natural diversity, the sheer numbers of sites, the presence of springs, lakes, forests and waterfalls.










Moulay Yacoub