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Want to discover Tiznit? There are a thousand and one ways to do so. Having preserved its Berber authenticity, Tiznit evokes another facet of Morocco, a country with a plural face, rich in its regional diversity and its multi-millennium heritage.
Amidst argan, olive and palm trees, the region of Tiznit is the meeting place of the sea and the desert. 
Tiznit is a favoured place in the beautiful region of Souss, one can breathe the tranquillity and happiness of life there. Tiznit is a city in southern Morocco and the capital of the province of Tiznit, in the Souss-Massa-Draa region.
The city's population, which was 80,000 in 2014, is largely Berber. Tiznit is 15km from the Atlantic Ocean, 81km south of Agadir, 203km south of Essaouira, 271km southwest of Marrakech and 553km south of Rabat.
The province is a must-see tourist destination at the gateway to the desert and is 90km from Al-Massira international airport. It features the beautiful town of Tiznit, the peaks of Tafraoute, the rock carvings of Tazekka, oases, lush valleys, including that of Ait-Mansour, flowery plains, peaceful havens with sea views for caravanning fans in Mirleft, and the mountains. 
The city was restored in 1882 by the Alawite Sultan Hassan I who equipped it with a long wall still encircling the old medina.
The Tiznit wall is a line of ramparts 7km long and 8m high flanked by 56 towers and pierced by five historic gates. 
The strategic advantages of this site are its proximity to the coast (15km) and its location on the trade route linking Essaouira to the Sahara. The city is 16km from the Atlantic Ocean so several beaches are easily accessible and the Souss-Massa National Park is located immediately north of the city.

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