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Probably built by the Phoenicians as a trading port around 1500 BC, the walled city of Asilah, located at the north-western tip of Morocco, 42 kilometres south of Tangier, has played host to many conquerors and pirates.

Resembling a city on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Asilah is a beautiful tourist resort with white buildings.

During your stay, you can admire the 14th century Portuguese ramparts, the ancient gates, the flowery streets of the medina and its Islamic or Andalusian style buildings, the palace of the Pasha Raissouni and the Palace of Culture, a building that looks like a fortress.

Modernisation has been merged with the old structures, making Asilah a perfect destination for history and sea lovers. Asilah is also famous for its long golden sandy beaches where you can enjoy horseback riding or camel rides.

Among the beautiful beaches are Rmilat, also known as Paradise beach, 30 minutes from the city, Afriquia Beach, 3 kilometres north of Asilah, and Briech Beach, a little further north. From July to September, many cultural events are held in the narrow streets of Asilah's medina, including flamenco concerts, design exhibitions and poetry readings.

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Reviews (2)

- October 25, 2022 at 2:57:24 PM -

Fred Erbasendre

Suite :

et c'est un Marocain venu de Tanger qui trouvait ça inadmissible , qui a entrepris de nettoyer la plage !!!! Et à 2 en 1 heure les enfants jouaient au foot sur un bel endroit propre !!!!

- October 25, 2022 at 2:55:05 PM -

Fred Erbasendre

bonjour, effectivement très belle ville, mais je me suis retrouvé sur la plage couverte de plastiques en tout genres .....mais pas une poubelle mise à dispo par la mairie,donc les gens jetent tout sur la plage

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