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the therapeutic sand baths of merzouga

The Therapeutic Sand Baths Of Merzouga

Sand bathing, also called psammotherapy or sandbathing therapy, is an alternative medicine practice used by many people affected by rheumatic ailments.
Sand bathing takes its name simply from the method of the practice itself, which consists of burying a good part of one's body in the very hot sand of the Merzouga dunes.
The air circulating between the grains of sand transfers the heat absorbed from the sun's rays without causing burns despite the high temperatures.
The infrared rays stored in the sand are transmitted deep inside the person’s skin to detoxify the body and dissolve fat.
Sand bathing is practiced between June and September, when the sand is at its hottest.
Merzouga is experiencing a large influx of tourists who come in search of treatments and solutions that they cannot always find with traditional medicine.

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