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places that have to be visited tangiers morocco

8 Places That Have To Be Visited In Tangiers

Tangiers is a business and touristic city of Morocco, 45 minutes by boat over the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain and close to Ceuta, a small Spanish enclave.
Tangiers was in the past a cultural capital for a large number of artists.
Many investors come from Europe to Tangiers and now the Chinese are also investing in this region.

  • The Kasbah :

The Kasbah is one of the most important attractions of Tangier. It was built on the heights above the city of Tangiers, with ramparts dating from the 13th century.
The Kasbah has several ancient palaces amongst which the most important is "Dar el Makhzen".
The Kasbah allows you to discover its traditional alleyways which photographers will appreciate.
The Kasbah offers a magnificent view over the port of Tangiers and the city and in good weather there is a view of Spain.


  • The Medina:

Tangiers has a medina contained by the walls of a 15th century Portuguese fortress, although most of the buildings are actually relatively recent for a Moroccan medina.
The narrow, winding streets are lined with houses in a variety of styles, attractive houses with distinctive, colourful and decorated doors.
There are also many shopping malls and the traditional Moroccan souk.

  • The Hafa café: 

This café is one of the most legendary places in the city of Tangier. Built on a cliff, the Hafa café offers you a splendid view of the ocean and Spain.
It was for a long time the favourite place of painters, writers and music stars.
Today it attracts young people drinking mint tea and eager for dreams and freedom.

  • The Mendoubia Garden:

The Mendoubia Garden is one of the many green spaces that the city of Tangiers has.
Century-old trees, fig and palm trees rub shoulders with cannons - 17th century weapons that are now only decorative.
The Mendoubia Garden is a magical place for a short jog or to read a book in peace.

  • The Place de France :

Always lively, the Place de France is a place not to be missed in Tangiers.
It is a huge garden with an appearance that might make you forget that you are in the city centre. This square is home to the French Consulate, banks, shops, and famous cafes such as the Grand Café de Paris known for having been frequented by artists from all over the world.

  • The Corniche :

A landscape of great beauty between two seas and two continents, an ancient and magical city. The Corniche stretches from the inlet of Merkala, next to the old mountain, to Cape Malabata, where the bay of Tangiers ends and where the Mediterranean Sea begins, with its mixture of forests, cliffs and sandy beaches.
The Corniche is the ideal place to sample the cuisine of its many restaurants spread over more than five kilometres.

  • The Caves of HERCULES:

An archaeological site full of mystery, they are certainly among the most beautiful and enigmatic places in Morocco, with a lot of history written about them.
They are natural limestone caves open to the sea, into which the water enters at high tide. You can take superb photos there. 
Inside these caves, a main corridor leads to several rooms. Characteristically shaped openings in the walls allow you to catch a glimpse of the ocean.
The Caves of Hercules are a tourist mecca of Morocco because the site contains traces of prehistoric occupation as well as an archaeological mystery. It’s a place that is a must see if you go through Tangiers.

  • The Grand Mosque:

Towards the Souk Dakhel. Situated in the Rue de la Marine, the Grand Mosque is part of the architectural tradition of Alawite mosques.
The minaret decorated with green tiles with geometrical motifs completes the picture. The monumental doorway is decorated with intricate patterns, mosaics and tiling. The courtyard (Sahn) is bordered on either side by two separate aisles.

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