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organize your kite surfing trip to dakhla in 2019

Organise Your Kite Surfing Trip To Dakhla In 2019

Ideal destination for kitesurfing, Dakhla is the perfect spot to learn or improve.

From the lagoon without any waves or currents to the shallow waters all along its breadth and onto the waves of the Atlantic, it allows all levels and all cravings in exceptional locations.

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The ideal season for kitesurfing is in summer, the temperature is more tolerable and the season also brings very reliable warm winds.

These winds are so reliable in some places that during four or five months of the year you can practice surfing every day !

During the summer months, Dakhla is buffeted by winds, giving it the best "bump and jump" conditions in the world.

International competitions bringing together the best kitesurfing champions from all over the world meet in Dakhla because of its strong winds and challenging waves.

It is really the ideal place to practice and enjoy kitesurfing.

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