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best tourist attractions tangiers 2019

Best Tourist Attractions In Tangiers 2019

  • The Caves of Hercules:

grotte hercule tanger attraction tourisme maroc

These are natural limestone caves dug by the sea which floods them at high tide.
The Cave supposedly has remnants of the passage of Hercules - his footprints, his bowl and all the traces of his legendary passage.
It’s a legend which the souvenir sellers, who set up shop inside the caves and in the nearby cafés and restaurants, have taken advantage of.

  • The Medina of Tangiers:

medina tanger attraction tourism maroc

The Medina of Tangiers concentrates the essential elements that make up the history of this legendary, cosmopolitan and open city.
To discover it, start from the Place 9 Avril or Souk Barra. This is a commercial area known for its stalls of agricultural products from the surrounding area.
Tangiers unites the old and the new - the Cinematheque of Tangier, which has taken the place of the Rif Cinema, the Anglican Church of Saint Andrews, the Sidi Bouabid Mosque and the Mendoubia Palace are attractions worth seeing, as well as the stalls and old Kasbah.

  • Cape Spartel:

cap spartel attraction tourisme maroc tanger

This is where waters of the Mediterranean meet with those of the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait of Gibraltar originates at this meeting of the seas.
Situated a few kilometres east of the town, this cliff strewn with shrubs overlooks the sea from a height of 110 metres.

  • The Kasbah of Tangiers:

kasbah tanger attraction tourisme maroc

The Kasbah of Tangiers is one of the most unmissable attractions of Tangiers. This port city of Morocco is located on the northern tip of the country, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar which separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. In good weather you can see Spain.
The Kasbah is home to architectural wonders and beautiful mansions to visit such as the Sultan's Palace "Dar el Makhzen" which has been transformed into a museum, the café for lovers of Andalusian music, the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities in the "Dar el Ghorfa" where you can see prehistoric and ancient remains of Tangier.

  • The Perdicaris Park:

parc perdicaris attractions tourisme maroc

The Perdicaris forest, better known as the Rmilat forest, is a botanical park containing hundreds of local and exotic species and which also offers a breath-taking view of the Strait of Gibraltar and Spain.
The fauna, composed of a large number of migratory birds that use the forest as a roosting place, make it one of the richest sites for nature lovers.
It is an ideal place in Tangiers to recharge your batteries, spend time with your family, have a picnic and go for a walk or exercise.

  • The beach of Achakar:

plage achakar attractions tourisme tanger maroc

The beach of Achakar is located about twenty kilometres from the centre of Tangiers.
A beautiful sandy bay is available for swimmers to make the most of the sun and the Mediterranean Sea with its three kilometres of fine sand.
Achakar is a beach where tourists can swim safely. Police officers patrol the vicinity twice a day.
Small restaurants offer tasty tagines or sardines grilled over a wood fire, to be enjoyed in the shade of a terrace facing the ocean.

  • The Corniche of Tangiers:

corniche tanger attractions tourisme maroc

The Corniche of Tangiers or the Two Seas Walk extends from the cliffs of Merkala near the Old Mountain to Cape Malabata.
This walk of more than 5 kilometers is renowned as much for its history as for its beautiful landscapes,  its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its architecture and its new port with a Marina and its leisure areas whose new entertainment and night-time facilities are available to visitors.

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