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discovering the various tree species in morocco

Discovering The Various Tree Species In Morocco !

Morocco is a country where arboriculture plays an important role and it has many species of trees. Morocco, as a country through which people and fauna transit, has experienced and still experiences...

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moroccan cities to visit in autumn for their climate

Moroccan Cities To Visit In Autumn For Their Climate

ASILAH: In November, Asilah enjoys nice sunny weather with an estimated 11 rainy days for this month. You might get rained on from time to time. Average temperatures are between 14°...

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winter sports are possible morocco

Winter Sports Are Possible In Morocco

IFRANE/MICHLIFEN:   The volcanic Middle Atlas offers the Cedar Forest near a volcanic crater on whose slopes the main ski resort is found. The Michlifen Ski Station is locate...

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the guidebook lonely planet has ranked meknes in the top 10 cities to visit in the world

The Guidebook Lonely Planet Has Ranked Meknes In The Top 10 Cities To Visit In The World

The authenticity of Meknes, with its 100 minarets, never ceases to amaze international visitors. The famous Lonely Planet travel guide has just released its ranking of the ten cities to visit in 2019....

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morocco the most beautiful place in the world

Morocco is selected as "the most beautiful place in the world" by The Hollywood Reporter

The famous American magazine The Hollywood Reporter devoted an article to the various tourist assets of Morocco, inviting its readers to discover the country which it describes as "the most beaut...

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the history of the moroccan kaftan

The history of the Moroccan kaftan

The kaftan arrived in Morocco thanks to Moorish history and therefore represents a medieval Andalusian heritage. In Morocco, depending on the region, over the centuries this garment underwent transfor...

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