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Saadian tombs


Enter the Saadian tombs and discover a rich history and examples of breathtaking ornamentation!
The foundation of these tombs dates back to the 16th century and the development of this site was begun by order of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Saadi.
The site became a royal necropolis in 1557 following the burial of the first Saadian prince. However, these monuments were only rediscovered in contemporary times, around 1917. They were then made over to the Fine Arts services for their restoration.
The mausoleum gathers in death around sixty Saadians, an Arab dynasty which ruled  Morocco from 1524 to 1659 and who took care to embellish the site throughout their reign.
The monument is made up of a prayer room and three funerary rooms.
The decoration of the three latter is inspired by the Hispano-Moorish style. In the courtyard of the mausoleum, tombs of Saadian soldiers are grouped near the garden of the necropolis.
Guides are available to visit the tombs; it is possible, however, to make this visit by yourself.

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