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News about your holiday in Agadir

selected choice of summer holiday destination

A Selected Choice Of Summer Holiday Destinations

Among these 10 summer destinations, you have the possibility of organising your holidays by choosing 3 or 4 of them for your holidays over ten days. The choice of destinations in Morocco is extraordin...

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top 10 most visited cities in morocco

Top 10 Most Visited Cities In Morocco

MARRAKECH:   The exotic destination of Marrakech. You will certainly take a little bit of Marrakech home with you as an unforgettable dream as it’s a place full of surpr...

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tourist sites in agadir not to be missed

Tourist Sites In Agadir Not To Be Missed

A radiant luminosity by the ocean bordered by huge beaches of about 10km. Here, the softness is that of fine sand, the caress of the sun. It is paradise all year round, just 3 hours from the main Euro...

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new type of tourism morocco

A new type of tourism in Morocco

Campsites in Morocco are beginning to take a good share of the tourist market, with an increasingly large international and national clientele. This interest in camping has enabled investors to creat...

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