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The Medina Of Rabat


The Medina of Rabat, if less exceptional than that of Fez or Marrakech, will still entrance with its traditional and authentic atmosphere.

Surrounded to the east by the Almohad walls, to the west by the surrounding walls of the Kasbah of the Oudaya, to the north by the Bouregreg and to the south by the Andalusian wall which separates the new town from the old town, it is one of the few Medinas to be so well protected.

It was created by the Moriscos, the Andalusians driven out of Spain by Philippe III in the XVIIth century who became refugees in Rabat. They erected the "Andalusian wall" (1400m) in order to protect the territory located inside the Almohad enclosure which was too large and too difficult to defend.

Access to the Medina is through two monumental gates, Bab El Alou and Bab El Had located to the east, along the Almohad walls of the 12th century built by Yacoub El Mansour.

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