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Mahkama du Pacha


Not far from the Royal Palace, there is the ancient Mahkama of the Pasha.

It is the former Muslim Pasha’s court in Casablanca.

Completed in 1952, the Hispano-Moorish style building has more than sixty rooms decorated with carved wooden ceilings, stucco, earthenware tiles and wrought iron grids.

The building is an excellent testimony to the talent of Moroccan craftsmen. Today it is the seat of one of the seven prefectures of the "Grand Casa".

To be able to access it a guide is obligatory, unaccompanied visitors are not allowed. Inside, it feels like being in a Madrassa.

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- April 3, 2022 at 2:28:09 AM -

Ann Ingemanson

How do we arrange a tour of Mahkama du Pacha.  We plan to visit Casablanca Friday, April 29th and Saturday, 30th.

We would like to make arrangements in advance if possible.


Thank you!

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