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Ancienne Medina


The Casablanca medina was rebuilt in 1770 following an earthquake that left it in ruins.

A visit to the medina of Casablanca begins at Place des Nations Unies. There is no standard route to take, just stroll through its narrow streets and let yourself be guided by your footsteps.

It is a real labyrinth where you can get lost very quickly, but if you lose your bearings don’t worry, you always end up finding your way back.

Certainly, there is no typical route to visit the medina of Casablanca, but there are monuments not to be missed, such as the restored synagogue and the catholic church, as well as the Koubba of Sidi Belyout located within walking distance of the main entrance on Avenue Houphouet-Boigny. A new cultural complex is being built in a magnificent old riad deep within the medina. The jewellery souk is particularly good and the owners are honest.

Continue on your way and you will find the sanctuary of Sidi el Kairouani in the medina.

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