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Toubkal National Park


The Djebel Toubkal, also called the Toubkal massif, is the highest point of the High Atlas at 4,167 meters above sea level.
This mountain gave its name to a 38,000-ha national park in 1942 of exceptional diversity, marked by stands of holm oak and cedar (thuya), including herbaceous plants and other holm oak ecosystems.
Plateaux and cliffs alternate with gorges where rivers flow with crystal clear waters, providing irrigation to the valleys and plains of the foothills.
The main ones are N'Fiss, Ourika, Rherhaya; and on the southern flank the Souss. The holm oak woods succeed juniper forests.
Mountain sheep populate these wild landscapes where many species of raptors live, such as the golden eagle, the booted eagle, the Bonelli's eagle and the short-toed eagle (Jean le Blanc eagle).

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Djebel Toubkal