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The Tanneries


The true spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco, the city of Fez is also synonymous with leather.

To access the tanneries, the Chouara district, take Rur Mechatine, which leads away from the centre of the Medina as this district with its very strong odours, has been set aside from the busiest areas.

The tanneries of Fez like those of Marrakech, have not changed since medieval times.

By accessing this district, you will immediately be immersed in the heart of craftsmanship by discovering skins transported on donkeys to dry in the sun as well as a series of pools where colour is omnipresent.

In the tanneries, most of the leatherworkers have a terrace allowing them to observe the wells of dried-earth brick and tiles where the tanning and hanging of the skins are carried out. It is a spectacle of sunny colours for the delight of the eyes.

The smells are certainly much less pleasant, but a visit to these tanneries constitutes a very interesting experience which allows tourists to discover the process of making slippers, bags, wallets and other picturesque souvenirs of Morocco, still made by the centuries-old know-how of these craftsmen.

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