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Climate of Morocco


The Moroccan climate is both Mediterranean and Atlantic, with a hot and dry season coupled with a cold and wet season, the end of the hot period being marked by rains in October. The presence of the sea lessens temperature differences, tempers the seasons and increases the humidity of the air (400 to 1000 mm of rain on the coast). In the interior, the climate varies depending on the altitude. The summers are hot and dry, especially when the hot sirocco or chergui blows, a summer wind coming from the Sahara. The average temperatures for this season are 22 ° C to 24 ° C. Winters are cold and rainy with frost and snow. The average temperature then changes from - 2 ° C to 14 ° C and can drop to - 26 ° C. In mountainous regions, rainfall is very significant (more than 2000 mm of rain in the Rif or 1800 mm in the Middle -Atlas). Pre-Saharan and Saharan Morocco has a dry desert climate.

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